Active Holidays
In the German and Austrian Alps

Allgäu Adventures is the specialist for summer and winter active holidays in the Allgäu region of southern Germany. Families, groups, couples and single travellers will find the adventure they are looking for as well as relaxation from everyday life. Our holidays are tailored to the most diverse needs and tastes: a relaxing week in the lakes and mountains or a challenging adventure; rafting or canyoning; exploring the magnificent Allgäu countryside on foot or by bicycle or eBike – everyone will find their perfect holiday . The region also offers a range of cultural activities; a visit to the magnificent royal castles is an absolute must, as is a visit to some of the historical towns. Allgäu Adventures will ensure you have a relaxing, varied and active summer or winter holiday, please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.

Our most popular holidays

Family Summer

If you want to experience an unforgettable Allgäu holiday with canyoning, rafting and treetop adventures, you are in for a great holiday.
5 / 10
6 +
Allgaeu assortment active holiday in the german and austrian alps

Allgäu Assortment

Loads of variety in this active holiday, activities range from canyoning and rafting to climbing and hiking.
7 / 10
14 +
Allgaeu entdecken urlaub im Allgäu als Aktivurlaub

Classic Allgäu

On five guided walking tours you can actively explore old castle ruins, clear lakes and mighty mountains in the Allgäu.
7 / 10
14 +

Summer build your own

You design your own summer holiday, with five fantastic activities organised for you.
? / 10
14 +

Family Walking

A week of perfect family walks specially designed by our European Walk Leader.
4 / 10
6 +

Walk the Allgäu

The Allgäu is a walking paradise and for your perfect active holiday, we have arranged some great walking tours.
6 / 10
14 +

Why book with
Allgäu Adventures

Fully organised active holidays

Allgäu Adventures will arrange your hotel and all activities, just choose the package that best suits you. Our premium packages also include daily transport and optional transfer from the airport or station.

Holidays for all ages

Age and physical condition don’t matter, we have a holiday package for everyone. From relaxing cycle and walking tours to a variety of more challenging activities, its all here!

Individually tailored packages

The perfect destination, trusted hotels and exciting activities means that the team at Allgäu Adventures has everything to make your active holiday an unforgettable experience.

Local knowledge and guides

We live in the Allgäu and have the local knowledge to make sure that you experience the best of the region along with our trusted team of expert guides.

Activities in the Alps
So much to do and see

The Allgäu is much more than the Alps. Due to its unique location the region has an incredibly varied landscape, from the relatively flat foothills and crystal clear lakes of the “Ostallgäu” to the high alpine “Oberallgäu” with its many peaks of over 2,500m.

“Happiness is not arrival at the destination, but the nature of the trip.”

This means that a huge variety of outdoor activities are available for your active holiday: water sports on the lakes and rivers, high alpine walking tours, and of course, skiing and snowboarding in the winter months. Allgäu Adventures active holiday packages including some of the most popular leisure activities in the Allgäu.

Our most popular activities in the Alps

Canyoning activity in the german and austrian alps
Walking activity in the German and Austrian Alps
Snowboarding activity in the German and Austrian Alps
Castle Tours activity in the German and Austrian Alps
Treetop Adventure activity in the German and Austrian Alps
Rafting activity in the German and Austrian Alps

Explore the beautiful Allgäu region with
Allgäu Adventures

Weather in the Allgaeu spring

Wildflower covered meadows and mighty mountains, crystal-clear lakes and fairy-tale castles; the Allgäu region of southern Bavaria is a beautiful and picturesque destination at any time of the year. Spanning the German-Austrian border, the Allgäu boasts an extremely varied landscape. From the relatively flat foothills to high peaks of The Alps, the region is the perfect destination for the outdoor enthusiast. This unique environment allows a range of activities to suit everyone; from gentle walking, cycling and wellness to more adventurous canyoning, rafting and mountain walking tours and that’s just in summer. In winter the region transforms, offering a whole new choice of activities such as tobogganing, igloo building or skiing in the snow-capped mountains. The Allgäu is waiting to be discovered and at Allgäu Adventures we can offer a varied and individual active package for an unforgettable holiday.

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